Resumé – Achim Tiffe

Achim Tiffe, born 1967, attorney at law and political scientist, worked for the institut für finanzdienstleistungen (reg. ass.) from 20012013, based in Hamburg, Germany, as of 2010 as managing director of the institute. Currently he works as a lawyer for consumers in the field of financial services and as a consultant for consumer associations.

  • Douple degree in law and political science
  • PhD about the structure of disclosure and advice for financial services
  • Lecturer at the Hamburg University in the years 2002 (law of financial services), 2008 (current economic and social policy) and 2013/2014 (financial services and consumer protection)
  • Co-editor of the German scientific journal for consumer and law (Verbraucher und Recht VuR)
  • Member of the International Association of Consumer Law (IACL)
  • Lectures to financial advisors of consumer associations

Project manager and expert for EU-surveys: general financial advice (2012), mortgage policy (2009), equity release schemes (2009), cross-border financial services (2008) consultant for the Bulgarian National Bank with regard to the drafting of the consumer credit law (2005), implementation of the Code of Conduct for home loans (2003); further publications: standardised information sheet schemes (2012), transparency of old age pension products (2010), reverse mortgage (2007), responsible lending (2007), old age pensions (2005); international trainer for consumer advisors / BEUC (2012), training of employees of the national supervision agency BaFin (2011), workshops for Deutsche Bank (2006), banking law expert for the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (vzbv) since 2002, regularly mystery shopping tests.

Languages. German, English, French, Spanish